The best restaurants in Bucharest, as recommended by locals


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Romania’s capital city is a foodie haven, so if you’re visiting, check out some of the best restaurants in Bucharest, as recommended by locals.

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Any true traveler knows that experiencing the local restaurant scene and learning about local cuisine is an essential part of the traveling experience. You know that saying, ‘When in Rome’? People say that for a reason. You can’t visit Italy without feasting on pizza, pasta or gelato, you won’t leave Vienna without enjoying a nice schnitzel, and don’t you even dare walk the streets of New York without trying out all the different types of pizza and all the popular street food spots. 

The same goes for visiting Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, also known as ‘Little Paris’ or ‘Little Berlin.’ It’s one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe, and it’s home to numerous restaurants, coffee shops, steakhouses, and wineries – basically a dream come true for any foodie. Whether you’re in Bucharest for the very first time, or you’ve lived here all your life, there’s always a new pub or restaurant to explore, and there’s definitely something for every taste in the city. But where do you start?

You’ll find that Romanian cuisine carries influences from Turkey, Hungary, and even Germany, but with a twist. You might already be familiar with the super-popular zacuscă, the delicious sarmale or mititei, and the hangover-inducing țuică, but there’s a lot more to experience in Romania’s capital city. If you’ve never been to Romania, or Bucharest, you might be surprised to learn that Romanians are very passionate about their meats, and even more passionate about their soups. 

There are so many different types of soups and broths that it can be hard to choose what to have for lunch. Then you have things like gulaș, mămăligă (polenta), drob (a cold meat pie usually enjoyed around Easter), ciolan cu fasole (pork knuckle with beans), and mouthwatering desserts like papanași or cozonac. Not to mention all the fabulous wines that Romania produces, which can all be found in restaurants across Bucharest. 

Fun (culinary) facts about Bucharest

  • The beloved Romanian dish known as mici or mititei was reportedly first invented in Bucharest’s Old Town neighborhood around 1872. According to legend, these delicious grilled ground meat rolls were first served at Iordache Ionescu’s restaurant on Covaci Street, when one night, the staff ran out of sausage casings and had to improvise. Unlucky for them, but lucky for all of us!

  • While there are many restaurants in Bucharest that will allow you to enjoy traditional Romanian cuisine, you’ll find options for every possible taste. There is no shortage of variety, and you’ll be able to enjoy vegan, Asian, Turkish, Lebanese, Italian, Indian, Greek, and Mexican cuisines, among many others. 

  • Located right in the heart of the city is the popular Old Town neighborhood, everyone’s favorite 24/7 destination. This historic area of Bucharest is lined with stunning Neoclassical-style old buildings that any architecture aficionado will definitely appreciate. It is buzzing with activity day and night, and houses numerous restaurants, pubs, coffee houses, and nightclubs, as well as museums and shops. 

Rounding up the Best Restaurants in Bucharest

After a long day of sightseeing and walking around Bucharest’s wide boulevards and narrow cobblestone streets, it’s time to pause and refuel, but it can be hard to pick a restaurant, especially if you’re visiting for the first time. So, we thought we’d give you a hand and provide you with a list of the best 15 restaurants in Bucharest, as recommended by both locals and experts. Without further ado, check out our round-up of the best restaurants in the city, make a reservation now with Bookingham, and start exploring!

  1. Sky Bar 
  2. Caru’ cu Bere
  3. Zen Sushi
  4. Alt Shift
  5. Blue Margarita
  6. Fish House
  7. Aubergine
  8. The Millennial Burger
  9. Vatra
  10. Haute Pepper 
  11. Excalibur
  12. Amethyst Sky Bar
  13. PengYou
  14. Kane

Where can you enjoy traditional Romanian cuisine in Bucharest?

If you’re visiting Bucharest and want to get a taste of the full Romanian experience, there’s no better place to be. The capital city of Romania is the best place to try out national staples like sarmale, mămăliguță cu smântână, mititei, jumări, and other local delicacies. Book a table at one of these restaurants that serve traditional Romanian dishes, to kickstart your Bucharest culinary journey.

  1. Vatra 
  2. Hanu’ Berarilor Casa Oprea Soare
  3. Old Kitchen 
  4. Lacrimi si Sfinti
  5. Hanu’ lui Manuc 

Which are the best fine dining restaurants in Bucharest?

If you enjoy the finer things in life, and are looking to experience the best that Bucharest has to offer in terms of food, then be sure to check out some of the city’s amazing fine dining restaurants. Delicious, top-notch dishes prepared by renowned chefs, incredible wines to pair the food with, jaw dropping decor, and impeccable service – you’ll get all of this, and more, at any of the restaurants listed below. 

  1. Moki
  2. Amethyst Sky Bar
  3. 18 Lounge
  4. Kaiamo 
  5. Kane 
  6. Noeme
  7. NOUA
  8. OSHO
  9. L’Atelier

Which are the best vegan restaurants in Bucharest?

You might have noticed that Romanian cuisine features a lot of different types of meats, from mititei to jumări to the famous Hungarian-inspired gulaș. But if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, don’t worry, because Bucharest has plenty of amazing vegan-friendly restaurants that prepare incredible dishes. Check out some of our favorites below. 

  1. Rawdia
  2. Sara Green
  3. Distrikt 42
  4. Osteria Zucca

Where can you find cheap eats in Bucharest?

There’s no shortage of fine dining restaurants in Bucharest, but if that’s not necessarily your thing, don’t fret. The street food is just as delicious, and there are also various small, intimate restaurants that offer incredible dishes that won’t break the bank. You can’t go wrong with any of these next restaurants, so make sure you book your table now. 

  1. Gilda Music Lounge
  2. La Biblioteca 
  3. Bucatarasul Cel Dibaci 
  4. Wok pe Loc 

Where to enjoy a barbecue or grill in Bucharest

BBQ Grill Bucharest

While there are plenty of amazing options for vegetarians and vegans in Bucharest, there’s no denying that Romanians truly love high-quality meats. If you’re also a bonafide meat lover and are looking for the best places to enjoy some barbecue or grilled dishes, then you’ll be glad to know there’s no shortage of such places in Bucharest. The restaurants below are some of our all-time favorites, so be sure to give them a try.

  1. trickSHOT Promenada
  2. Vacamuuu
  3. Ivan’s Bar&Grill
  4. Urban House
  5. Les Bourgeois

Which are the best Old Town restaurants in Bucharest?

Bucharest’ Old Town area is the most popular for tourists and locals alike. Its cobblestone streets are lined with stunning architecture, as well as restaurants, pubs, cafes, and nightclubs. This is the true heart of Bucharest, and it’s where all the (culinary) magic happens. We’ve rounded up our favorite Old Town restaurants – be sure to book a table in advance, as this area is always in high demand!

  1. TUYA
  2. The Artist
  3. Linea/Closer to the Moon
  4. Bazaar

Browse more restaurants in Bucharest

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Restaurant Kong
PengYou Restaurant & Lounge
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Biutiful Downtown
Sara Restaurant
Banjo Jack
Ici et La
Old Brick Pub
Sushi Restaurants in Bucharest 
Edo Sushi & Garden
Yoshi Sushi and Teppanyaki
Ginger Sushi Bar & Lounge
Pubs in Bucharest
St. Patrick Irish Pub & Restaurant
Naked Kitchen & Beach Bar
George and Dragon Pub
Old Brick Pub
White Horse Pub & Restaurant

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